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Spankee Series

The Spankee Series

The Spankee series follows the erotic adventures of Rebecca as she evolves from a housewife, who is curious about being spanked, into a true submissive under the guidance of Don.  The reader will experience how Don establishes the requisite trust to take Rebecca from one level to the next while she believes he is doing it at her request.

  The care Don takes and the attention he gives Rebecca every time he takes her to a new threshold enables her to expand her limits, and upon the discovery of her natural submissive nature Rebecca realizes her desires are actually needs. 

While these are very much adult stories with quite explicit detail, none of it is out of context with the stages of Rebecca’s development and the reader will understand precisely what leads up to them and how Rebecca is so willing to engage in activities that she would have previously considered unthinkable.  The Spankee series includes age play and bondage spanking.