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Submission and Dominance

Sensual Erotica by Ronda DeMure

Ronda DeMure’s stories of submission and dominance are both sensual as well as sexual. The author pays close attention to the immersive experience of D/s, which involves both the psychological and the physiological aspects of submission and domination, in order to provide a truly erotic experience for her readers. This is sensual erotica.


Ronda’s submissives are generally strong, intelligent and outwardly appear to be quite conventional. Few people would ever guess their inner passion is to be dominated. They search for partners they can trust to not just provide them the fulfillment of their own fantasies, but who will also introduce them to new ones. Ones they may not have even known they had. ​


The dominants in Ronda’s stories are frequently found in positions of authority, highly successful at whatever they do, but frustrated by the inherent limitations and boundaries of their often too visible lives. They search for compatible partners whom they ease into revealing, and then yielding to, their secret needs and desires.

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