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Spankee follows the development of Rebecca from frustrated housewife, initially just curious about spanking, into a true submissive spankee under the guidance of Don, an experienced dominant.

Psychological Erotica

By understanding the psychology of her journey, from initially rationalizing and hiding behind ageplay to ultimately accepting her need to submit and be spanked as an integral part of the person she is, the reader is given excellent insight into the proper training of a submissive.

Submission and Dominance

Upon discovering her submissive nature, Rebecca realizes her desires are actually needs. She not only becomes comfortable with Don as her guide, but develops an almost insatiable need for his approval; eventually submitting to him orally which is is something she had never considered doing before.
Don also touches her in ways to provide sexual gratification. His manual stimulation soon gives way to forced orgasms, ultimately taking Rebecca into sub space.

Spanking Erotica

Rebecca is hooked on spanking right from the start. It excites and arouses her tremendously and the more she experiences it the harder she wants it. As the sessions proceed Rebecca is systematically introduced to the crop, switch, paddle, cane and flogger. Rebecca also learns that she craves scenes involving verbal and physical discipline, followed by being permitted sexual release.
Erotic spanking involves spanking her to such heightened arousal where a mere touch will bring orgasm, but the mark of a true spankee is to achieve orgasm through spanking alone.


Rebecca finds that the need to control her instinctive reactions to being spanked and flogged are detracting from the experience for her. So, Don includes bondage, enabling her to not worry about what her body wants to do. She finds that having no control, allowing her involuntary resistance to strain against the restraints, enhances her experience and enables her to take more. It is the freedom brought about by bondage that finally enables her to become a true spankee.