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Historical Romance

Ceri, Celtic Warrior: Slave only to Passion

This is an erotic, historical romance novel including sex, submission and dominance.

Ceri craves sexual domination, and only Marek understands.
But she is an Iceni warrior princess and he is a Roman officer.
And the epic battle to drive the Romans out of Britannia is about to commence.
Is slavery an option for her?

Ceri is a warrior princess of the Iceni tribe who is betrothed to Devyn, future king of the Ordovices. He is a perfect match for her, but she is also frustrated due to something she could never speak of since it reflected so strangely on her that no one would ever understand. Devyn was so much stronger than she was physically, yet in their most tender times, those intimate moments that they spent alone, he was always so annoyingly gentle with her. Always! It was if she might break. It was so demeaning. She’d teasingly bite or scratch and even dig her nails into his flesh in an attempt to produce some sort of uncontrolled lust, but he was either unwilling or unable to.

Then, following the Roman conquest of Britain, Ceri meets Roman officer Marek and soon discovers he is uniquely able to satisfy her dark desires. While the outside world sees Ceri as a fierce and proud warrior, only Marek sees her secret desire for sexual submission and through his dominance he both awakens and fulfills it. Marek is bored with the slave girls who “don’t fight back” and longs for what he refers to as frontier sex, usually obtained after a conquest. Ceri is perfect for him.

When a trading relationship is established between Rome and the Iceni they fight side by side against northern insurgents and Ceri and Marek plan a life together in Britain once his service with the legions is complete.

But when Nero becomes Emperor of Rome and declares the Iceni lands to be conquered territory, Boudica, queen of the Iceni, calls for war to drive the Roman invaders out of Britain. As an Iceni warrior, Ceri is duty bound to fight. Following the successful annihilation of Londinium and its 70,000 inhabitants, the final battle is against Marek and his overwhelmingly outnumbered legion. During the fight Marek sees Ceri’s horse running free, assumes she has been killed, and overcome with grief he retires to Rome.

The Iceni tribe is no more, but Ceri is one of the survivors who are captured and taken as slaves. Now she has become the most celebrated Gladiatrix in Rome and is re-united with Marek when he is ordered to enter the arena to fight and kill her.